Culiacan, Mexico

Ministry Focus

Calvary’s sister church in Culiacan, Mexico is called Templo Bautista Sion.  While the church is over 25 years old, our sister church relationship began in 2005, as Calvary came alongside the Pastor with preaching, door to door evangelism, VBS programs and building projects.  We currently also help with men’s and women’s studies, cell groups, and visiting families.  Templo Bautista Sion is also involved in missions in the surrounding villages.

The official religion in Mexico is Catholish

The official language is Spanish

Evangelical Christians make up 6% of the population.  Mexico is the second largest Catholic country in the world.  However, a shift has started, and more people are leaving the Catholic Church for an Evangelical one.  A big reason for this change is the many American missionaries serving the needs of the Mexican people.  People are finding Evangelical believers to be more welcoming, involved with the community, and being relevant with the younger generation.  This is a huge step in a country where Catholic rituals run so deep within the culture.  While people are turning to Christ through Evangelical churches, this is still a huge need for these bi-vocational pastors to be trained and equipped to teach Biblical truths.

The History of Mexico

The first know society in Mexico were the Olmecs, dating back to 1200 B.C.  Next came the Mayans who developed a calender and writing system.  Religion played a chief role in their life.  Other pre-Columbian peoples were the Toltecs and the Aztecs.  In 1519, Spaniard Hernan Cortes came to Mexico, and in 1521 he attecked and conquered the Aztecs.  Spain controlled and enslaved most of the natives, and diseases killed many of them.  Along with Spanish rule, came Catholism, and many were converted into the Catholic church.  Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821, but then fell into turmoil with various dictators and oppression.  The Mexican people rose up in 1910 and fought a 10-year civil war.  In 1934, Lazaro Cardenas became president, and peace was restored.  Today, there are many in poverty and unable to improve their economic status.  There is and increase in drug trafficking, political and police corruption, and widening gap between the rich and poor.

Cultural fun facts

Mexicans shake hands with every single person when the gather together, and sometimes the kiss each other on the cheek.